5 Tips For Working From Home

Hi darlings. It’s been a while around here. I hope y’all are doing great. It is day 99665544333 working from home and I figured even though we’ve been doing this for a while we can still perfect it a little. This is why I’m sharing a few productivity tips with you.

#1 Have a dedicated space: I’ve found that having a dedicated space often helps with productivity. You may not have the luxury to have an entire office to yourself but you can set up a desk in a corner of the room so that you’re not working from the bed or the sofa.

#2 Dress up for work: Getting up and getting ready for work sets us up for success. Not only that you do not know when your camera will misbehave and turn on by itself (take it from me, that can happen, lol). All this to say, look cute even though you’re only going to sit at your home office.

#3 Set up a morning routine: This is definitely a struggle. Knowing that you have to go out of the office helps you set up a morning routine, but I struggle to set up a good morning routine that I stick to. However I believe this is also a good component of success.

#4 Limit the distractions: Working from home is definitely hard at times when we can turn the TV on anytime, answer the phone or text anytime, etc.. I think it’s important to set some ground rules and also add things to a calendar for instance mark your breaks and TV time on the calendar, and also turn cellphone notifications off.

#5 Keep a clean space: After working from home for over a year, we know that paper can pile up quickly with its share of post-it notes, and whatever else so I think this is also another area to look into to increase productivity.

I hope these tips will help and share below if you have any other tips.




Author: Chida

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