Business Spotlight: Luxe Resin

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite brands with you today: Luxe Resin. If you know anything about me by now, it is the fact that I get excited when my friends are doing amazing stuff and are winning so this is why I’m so happy to bring you my favorite resin brand.

I never really considered resin art for anything but when my girl Reelia started making these amazing pieces I just couldn’t get over how beautiful they are. Listeeeeeen, if you’re like me and love hosting you need to get into these resin trays and coasters for your guests. One because they feel luxurious, and also because they are different. On top of everything else it is black and woman owned so you know I’ve got to support.

Since Easter is around the corner, I wanted to share these cute pieces with you to give you some ideas of how they can brighten your home and bring color and luxury to your home decor. A little birdie also told me that these beauties might soon be on the Dekamarketplace website so get your coins, lol. She has a great selection to choose from and can also do custom orders. Definitely check out my girl and support using the links below:

Facebook: Luxe.Resin

Instagram: @Luxe__Resin



Author: Chida

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