How to Style An Oversized Jacket Like A Boss

Happy International Woman’s Day to you all ladies. What better day to rock an oversized jacket. As women we wear many hats, whether in the professional real or family or societal real. Today I just want to encourage a lady. I want to tell you to lift your head up high. You might be feeling discouraged or overwhelmed and it is ok. You deserve all the celebration and accolades coming your way.

As we celebrate women year after year, I do realize that there is more to be done to level the playing field for women. We each have a role to play in helping ourselves and helping other women. This is not the time to loose focus.

The reason I’m so passionate about women rising up is the fact that other women’ success depend on one woman winning and then multiply that again and again. Each one of us have a duty to do better for ourselves, for the next person, and the future generation. We’re only getting started and there is more to do. We need everyone: men, women, and even the young people.

Today and always I’m lending my voice to celebrate how far we’ve come. Let’s continue to move the needle.









Author: Chida

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