Five Self-care Ideas for International Women’s Day

Happy Monday my luvs, and happy month of March. This means Spring is around the corner, yaaaaay. Most importantly International Women’s Day. As a woman this day is important because it celebrates how far women have come and how much they have accomplished. Participating in the latest election is a reminder that no that long ago women were not able to vote. There is still a long way to go to close gender gaps and such, and with each and everyone playing their part we’ll somehow achieve the desired results.

There are several ways to celebrate this year:

#1: Donate to an organization that works to advance women’s rights, women’s education, and women’s equal pay. Personally, I can suggest Girls Who Code for several reasons. I am a woman in IT myself and would love to see more women in the field. I would also love to see more women show their technical expertise in the field.

#2: Pull an act of kindness to a fellow woman. You can buy a coffee for a lady ahead of you at the coffee shop. You can baby-sit for a friend and give her a day off. You can mentor a woman. There is something amazing when women do good onto each other. It creates sisterhoods.

#3: Support a woman-owned business. This is near and dear to my heart because I’m an entrepreneur myself. Supporting a woman entrepreneur is supporting a family, and supporting society as a whole. Women who are doing well are giving better chances to their children and also helping other women in their circles so it’s never wasted efforts.

#4: Self-care is a must. We must give ourselves grace and take care of ourselves if we want to help others. There are many ways to do this and it can be just unplugging and turn off the phone in order to rest. It can be taking yourself out for brunch or dinner. It can be a girls fun time. It can be spa day or skincare or bubble bath time. It can also be taking a solo trip (long overdue for me, lol).

#5: Take a walk and reflect. This can easily be a part of self-care or exercise but I believe in reflecting on the journey. I believe that it is important that we reflect on where we are and where we’re headed. It is true that as a single person it is hard to see how we can effect change but every little bit count. How do we ensure that future generations can have even more access than we have? How can we ensure that future generations have a more equal society?

Thank you again for your love and support and feel free to share below how you plan on bringing change around you and how you are celebrating.




Author: Chida

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