Business Spotlight: The Kingdom Fashion

I’ve never been this excited about a blogpost. If you could see me right now, I’m grinning from ear to ear because I’m super happy to showcase this dress for many reasons. If you’ve been looking for an outfit to wear for your Valentine’s Day evening that will get you looking like a whole snack, look no further. I’m bringing you one of my favorite dresses from The Kingdom Fashion.

-If you’re part of my social media family, then you’ve realize by now that I’ve been bragging about The Kingdom Fashion for a while now. This is because i love when my friends create from a level of excellence and passion. Knowing Sika (the designer behind the brand) is seeing her faith, passion, enthusiasm in creating amazing designs/dresses that her clients can enjoy and look fabulous.

-I’m also passionate about these designs because I love sequins anything. I believe that anyone can wear a sequin outfit and look good. Her choice of using a sequin fabric is great since it complements many different styles so well.

-When it comes to this particular style, I simply LOVE IT. This style is a combination of the “Sheba” and the “Esther” dress. I wanted a little extra at the bottom and loved how the “Esther” dress has some ruffled tulle at the bottom. The beauty of wearing a Kingdom Fashion dress is that you can also get it custom-made. You can use your own design or get one of the beautiful dresses already available on the website.

It is truly an honor to wear this beautiful  dress because i know first-hand the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that went into putting this collection together and it makes me even happier that it all came together so beautifully. Check out all her contacts below and order a dress for any of your special occasions.




Get you a dress and look fabulous for your next event.



Author: Chida

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