January Updates

Hello my luvs. I hope y’all have been doing great so far in 2021. I know we are still in a pandemic and all but I’ve decided that I’ll make the most out of it. I went to this year with a very clear vision and I want to use every day to better myself and work on my goals.

My first goal this year is to finally launch my new babies (not literally, lol). I mean my businesses, lol. I’ve finally launched them on social media and have been diligently working on launching the websites. I have been an entrepreneur at heart ever since I was a child and it’s no surprise that I always find myself starting a business. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably caught some hints.

Be sure to follow @dekachop and @dekamarketplace on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up-to-date on my business progress.

Another one of my goals this year is to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve been thinking of connecting more with my followers, and I’ve finally started my Sunday IG lives. If you’ve not joined yet, feel free to join me every Sunday at 7PM. It was not the easiest decision because I’m an introvert at heart, but I’ve been pushing myself out of timidity and fear these past few years. Speaking in front of a public can be daunting especially in front of strangers but I love that everyone has been so nice and supportive. I’m excited to be interacting more and more with you guys.

Lastly, I have some personal development goals as well. I’m constantly evolving and trying to be a better person that I was yesterday. There is so much I want to do and I can’t wait to share with you. If the past year has taught us anything it is the fact that we must live life with a sense of urgency. We have seen family members and friends been taken from us so soon that it brings a certain awarness about life.

I hope your 2021 has been going well so far and you have been working towards the life you’ve always wanted. Stay tuned for more updates.





Author: Chida

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