The Little Black Dress You Need for The New Year Celebration

Are we counting the time til the New Year yet? If I say I have been waiting for this new year with excitement and a certain eagerness mixed with a little anxiety and uncertainty, that will be an understatement. Above all though, I know the one who created me and has my destiny in His hands, so regardless of what year it is, how bad times are, I will continue to trust.

It is fair to say that most of us will stay in this year due to the giant elephant in the room of course (Covid-19). Let me know below what your celebrations used to look like pre-Covid. I used to go to church New Year’s Eve and start there and exchange wishes with my family when I get back home, sleep and then meet up with friends for the festivities.

This black dress is definitely something I would wear for the New Year gathering. For the past couple of years JC Penney has been my go-to for cute outfits. This dress is simple yet has such an appeal. I was going for sequin or velvet this year but it turned out this velvet dress worked out. What do you guys think?

On this note, I’d like to thank you again for supporting me throughout this entire year and for been such a great community. I wish each one of you a happy and prosperous year. Wishing you and your loved ones a year of good health, fulness of joy, great accomplishments, and love.

Let’s have a great 2021!

With love,


Author: Chida

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