Thankful & Grateful

And just like that, Thanksgiving week is here. First of all, let’s just say that I’m happy to enjoy a short week, but more than anything I just want to say that I’m grateful for all of you who show me support and love.

I know this year has been tough. Most of us have lost loved ones, have gone through financial hardships, and whatever else that could have happened this year. I also know that it is by the grace of God that some of us are still standing here so I definitely give glory to God.

I’m simply grateful for life, health, family and friends, plus my online community. Things might be tough but having love and support in this crazy world we live in is everything. This might be some lonely times for others so my heart goes out to you and sending you love and hugs.

For everyone that will be able to gather with their loved ones, I pray you enjoy each other and shower each other with love like never before .

And finally, let’s gobble gobble. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

P.S.: This is how I’m pulling up to the Thanksgiving dinner because I like to arrive in style.

Author: Chida

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