Let’s Finish Strong

Hello luvs, I’ve decided to write two blogposts this week since I’ve been slacking a little out here.

2020 is slowly unwinding or rather quickly depending on how you choose to view it. One thing I do know is that 2020 does not determine the rest of our lives, and this is only one year so either way we must gear up for what is to come.

I must say that 2020 has afforded me an opportunity to work on my blog more often than I would have had while going to work. I was able to start working on a couple of different projects. Last but not least, this has also been the time for me to personally get closer to God. If you are a spiritual/Christian person, you know that times are bad and this is the time to double down on prayer.

This is not the time to slow down, but rather press the foot on the gas. This is to say that maybe 2020 was not the great year ever, but you can still turn things around. You can still make it. This year, staying alive alone is such an accomplishment.


Author: Chida

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