Black and White Go Getter Moves

Hello, hello my people. I hope y’all are doing well in these Covid-19 streets. This blogpost is long overdue, but your girl has been grinding like crazy.

Since I recently started a new job, I wanted to share a simple transitional look for work on a budget, and can be pretty versatile. This dress was a summer favorite I got from H&M and the blazer is an oldie from Zara.

As we are approaching the end of the year, I’m looking back and wanted to make this post a praise report. We’ve all collectively have been through a lot in this season but I’m also looking at all the positive things that happened to me. Trust me when I say don’t stop working on your dreams and goals because of the pandemic. Keep going.

Hoping we all stay safe and motivated throughout the end of this year.

Cheers to you all.



Author: Chida

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