How to Still Win in 2020!

Hello, hello, hello there my people. I hope y’all have been doing great. I was out of these blogging streets for a minute but I’m here now, good, well, and alive. Since we celebrated Labor Day yesterday, I thought this will be a great time to share a few tips on how to get your next level job in these pandemic times.

I just want to encourage all of us to continue to pursue our purpose and dreams even though this year may feel like it is only filled with tragedies. I want to tell you that you can still make it. have you been waiting for the pandemic to be over before applying for your dream job, starting your business, and so forth?

Be sure to take a step each and every day. This brings me to the topic of looking for a job during this pandemic. I know a lot people lost their jobs and have been looking for a job. If you are in search of a job, here are a few tips to make sure you are moving in the right direction before the year 2020 ends:

#1 Build your skills: If you have been working from home, not working or working less, this might be the perfect time to build on your sills set. Are there certifications that can help advance you in your career? Are there any cheap or free classes to help advance your business or career? Take advantage of this time to grow professionally.

#2 Build a solid resume: Is your resume keeping you from getting the type of jobs you desire? I think it’s the first step in the job search. I find this to be very important because sometimes one may have the qualifications, however the resume is not having any traction. There are two options. You can either hire a professional service to help you or research job descriptions and other resumes in your desired field to help.

#3 Upload your resume on job search engine. Once your resume is ready, be ready to upload and apply for jobs. Knowing what specific websites cater to your career field helps find companies faster. Linkedin is also a great resource no matter what field you are.

#4 Prepare for the interview: Interviewing well is a learned skills that can be developed. If you often get nervous and fumble through interviews, how do you prepare to have a more successful interview. Prior to a job interview, it is important to write down and practice frequently asked questions and if there are any technical questions that may get asked during the interview sessions.

I hope these tips help and please share more tips below as well.

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