Power Suit and Boss Moves

It’s a new week and it is a brand new post. How are y’all doing? Today I’m bringing you a little bit of  power suit and boss moves. This is one of my favorite looks this season and the color is also popping, ok? It has been a few months since COVID-19 hit and there is no end to this quarantine. I think a lot of people now have the time to think about their passions and develop them into businesses. I’m always delighted to see new businesses pop up on my feed. I see a lot of bosses rising up to the occasion. Wishing all of my fellow bosses all the best.

Congrats on the entrepreneurship journey. Here are three things I think every entrepreneur needs at the beginning stage:

#1 is the self confidence. When you first start, not everybody will believe in your dream or your hustle. Do not let it discourage you. Keep moving forward and eventually they’ll see your vision. If you don’t believe in your products or your abilities, nobody else will. It is important for you to be confident even if you don’t know it all. You’ll continue to grow as the business is growing.

#2 Ask for help when you need it. Sometimes it takes a village to be successful. Find a mentor or a friend or a family member that has more experience than you do. Engage with friends even if they are social media friends. There is someone in your tribe that may have information or can just help you get to your next level. Even though people may not often understand your vision, they’ll still be able to help you. You’ll also be able to build a community that way.

#3 Do the work and show up. Entrepreneurship is hard and the grind is not for everyone because it is constant work but if you trust your vision and work hard, you’ll eventually make it. Be consistent and build it one brick at the time.

To those still figuring out what boss moves you can make in this season, don’t loose hope. The opportunities are endless. You can start a business, you can start a blog, you can acquire more skills. You know yourself better than anyone so trust yourself and go for it.



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