The Little Summer White Dress

Happy quarantine week 788321675…LOL. Wherever you are geographically located, hoping you’re finding ways to be happy whether it is to dress up and go to the living room like I sometimes do. Things are slowly starting to open up around here but from watching the news, it doesn’t seem like this is the time to let our guards down so lets continue to keep our masks on and continue to be healthy.

Ok, it’s a new week so let’s get into this little white dress. Shall we? Are we even in summer if you don’t pull up with a cute little white dress? I recently got this white dress because of its simplicity and the puff sleeves. If you’ve been around the Internet lately, you’ll notice that puff sleeves are in season. You can’t go wrong with it. I’m a sucker for a simple, casual dress so I was excited to get this dress. There is a caveat though. This dress came in a bigger size than I expected and had to take the sides in a bit.

Check below for white dresses outfit inspiration.

Wishing you as always a beautiful week.




Author: Chida

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