Small Business Spotlight: Savourous Spice

Happy Sunday lovely people! Since it’s my birthday week, you get two posts this week. I’ve been low-key excited about this post. Just to give a little history, I used to own a cosmetics business and knowing how hard it is to start and run a business, I’ve always been inclined to support others on the same path. When I first created my blog, I had a page where I wanted to showcase businesses around me, but at the  time, I didn’t have a good list of small businesses and wasn’t sure how to do it. Now more than ever I want to be very intentional about how I spent my coins so don’t be surprised to see a lot more small businesses around here.

With all of that being said, let me introduce you to one of my favorite businesses out there: Savourous spice. I was looking for some Togolese food blogs and came across this beautiful food blog called Savourous on Instagram. If you’re looking for food inspiration, look no further. When I recently found out she has a spice line also, I really wanted to support and invite everyone to support her too. There are a few reasons why I love this brand. The owner is so sweet and kind that if really makes it easy to support her business. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to her several times and she is one to always support others. I low-key just like popping in her DMs, lol. Besides our interpersonal relationship, she is a black owner and her spices are amazing. I especially love the suya spice as you can see below. For those who do not know, suya is an African grilled meat dish seasoned with a particular blend of spices. If you have African friends, ask them about it and make sure to support this brand. For those who know and love suya, check out Savourous Spice blend and tell her I sent you. You can also check the wild salmon spice, chicken seasoning, and cajun seasoning.

My prayer is for this brand to become a household name all across the world and let’s all do our part and support. To purchase your spices, check out her shop on Etsy at:

Or go directly on her website

Thank you in advance for reading and supporting,


Author: Chida

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