Loving Yourself beyond Selfcare

Hello my luvs!

I know I have been MIA all the month of February, but it was all for good reasons. I was busy working on my 9-5, and working on other side projects (check out my new post here).

As the month of february is drawing near its end, and we’ve all celebrated love with our gal friends as well as our significant others, I just want to circle back to ourselves in this post. I think it is important that we show love to our significant others and our circle of friends, and family I might add. Sometimes we tend to forget ourselves in the mix so I’m here to remind all of us to take care of ourselves.

Although loving ourselves often manifest with selfcare such as getting our nails done, our hair done, going to the spa, I think it goes beyond that.

Sometimes, loving ourselves shows in the form of prioritizing ourselves in the decision making process. Not to promote selfishness at all but there are times when choosing you is the best decision you can ever make. Prioritizing yourself and your growth is never a bad idea. As the second month of the year 2020 is ending, what is the business you always wanted to start that you never had the courage to start. What dreams have you been to afraid to pursue?This is the time to do so.

Love yourself so relentlessly that it irradiates to others and encourages them to do the same.





Author: Chida

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