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Event planning has been a hobby of mine for a very long time, however in recent years I have been so busy that I kind of put it on the back burner a little bit. I love hosting my friends and planning cute and sweet events for them. I was naturally excited to plan an intimate dinner for my church family.

First things first, I would say it is important to know what budget you’re working with. Your budget will determine the type of event you plan. You can plan a simple and cute event for a low budget or a luxurious one if the budget allows it.

Secondly, plan all the details of your event. No matter how small or big your event is, making a list will allow you to avoid forgetting things and running crazy at the last minute. I put together an excel sheet with everything I needed for my event, the quantity needed, the link if I was purchasing online, the cost. This allowed me to keep an eye on my budget and the details all at once.

Lastly, the execution is the beast. Sometimes one may have a vision but find it hard to execute. Typically, having a detailed list will help avoid confusion and stress during the execution. Don’t forget to ask for help to execute. Also find vendors in your areas that will be willing to work with you and within your budget. Here are a few vendors I truly enjoyed working with below. Please reach out to them if you reside in the DMV area.


Flower wall and balloon: Orne Events

From the very beginning, my friend Bridget from Orne Events was there giving me advice and helping me with the concept. The flower wall was such a big success at the event, I was really glad we went for the idea. The team was helpful, responsive, and very professional. A nice backdrop adds a nice touch to the event.

Having a nice couch was also a nice touch to the event that was well appreciated by the attendees. It took us a while to come across this couch on IG that was very classy, in the perfect off white color to go with the backdrop we had. Doveria Concept was also a great vendor that was really accommodating and just overall great to work with.

One of the best things about this events is that I got the opportunity to work with some of my friends that are in the event planning/rental business. If you are looking for beautiful charger plates for your events, look no further and reach out to Creole Syr Decor for all your need. She is very sweet, professional, and her prices are affordable.

If you’re looking to plan a luxurious event, DO NOT plan on using the regular church chair with your decor. The chairs you use make a big difference in how your event turns out. I was fortunate to find another great vendor to work with that i really sweet, accommodating, responsive, and professional. I must say that I’ve found quiet a number of vendors from Instagram so that is definitely the place to go besides your friends. Check out B Lux Event Rentals for all your event rentals like chairs and cake stands, etc.

Lastly, what is a great event without the absolute sweet treat? I was looking for a French baker for my event to complete my vision and couldn’t find one to bake the cake I wanted until I came across the praline Bakery page on Instagram 24 hours before my event and they agreed to bake a cake for me on a short notice. I emailed them my ideas and since it was on such a short notice, they picked on that will be easy for the baker to make in that timeframe. Everyone was pleased and enjoyed every bit of it.

What do you guys think of my event planning skills? Comment below and let me know what you think.



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