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How has your 2020 been so far? Mine has been wonderful so far. I find myself feeling more grateful than anything else. Going into this year I believed that I have everything that I needed and everything that I will need throughout this year will also be provided for. I know most of us typically going to the year ready with big plans and then fear and doubts start kicking in. I just want to encourage you to take that leap of faith and start moving. No matter how small the steps, keep making it and eventually, you’ll see that the distance from where you’re standing now and where you got is huge.

If you’re thinking about starting a business that you’ve always wanted to do, here are a few tips to help you get started:

-Business plan: If you don’t know where to start, this is a very good place because even if you don’t have all the details in hand, you can begin to lay your vision down for your business and research on it. Research your business idea and determine if this is a viable idea. research how much capital it will require, how you’ll market, who are your potential clients, etc. There are a lot of free templates online to help you build a business plan, however it can also be intimidating and make you feel like you need everything figured out beforehand. You can also just draft your own by just writing your plan down on paper, or type it up.

-Find a mentor: There are a high change that there are a few people already doing your business or that are just successful in business. Follow them and learn from them or reach out to them to see if they mentor.

-Get on social media: Social media is part of the marketing strategy to win customers so feel free to get all training and information out there. Sometimes you just have to do and keep on moving. Ensuring you have clear and beautiful visuals.


I hope all this information encourages you and put you on the right path towards your business goals this year.






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