2020 Wishes!

Happy New Year 2020 friends!

This is indeed the first post this year. At first I was struggling about what to write about and I realized that it was the first post of the year. Let’s then exchange wishes, shall we?

It is not only a new year but it is also a new decade. This makes this year even more special. A lot has happened this past decade with its share of ups and downs, however I wouldn’t trade the amount of growth that happened for anything. I must say that the last decade started a bit roughly for me on mostly all levels, but I was still finding myself. I was still evolving (making it a point not to share my fails and wins since because they’re mine to own, but rather sharing some encouragement). I’m definitely proud of the woman I’ve become through it all.

If there is one thing I’d say to anyone still trying to find themselves, it’s that do not loose hope. It might not look like you’re getting to your end goal right now but trust me, it’ll all come together. I don’t remember any hype concerning 2010 so at that time, most of us were just leaving but thanks to social media, we’re all hyped up about this new decade. Remember this, in God’s book your destiny is still unraveling. Trust him and keep moving forward. Everything will come together at the appropriate time. You aren’t late on anything.

My wish for all of us is to be in good health because without it, everything is pointless; to continue to pursue God with fresh fire and zeal because when everything we desire meet his grace and favor, miracles happen; run after your passions relentlessly; lastly love each day like it was your last.

Happy New Year 2020!






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