Tis the season!

It’s officially Christmas season just in case you were still wondering, lol. I love seeing the joy, and happiness that this season brings around. I love the fact that many people Christian or not get to join in this celebration. I love that people go out of their way to help and make it possible for others to enjoy.

I used to not enjoy this season because for some reasons, I felt lonely. I know first hand that in the midst of all this euphoria, some people might get lonely as well. If you’re in that category, reach out to a friend, do something fun, get closer to your church members, join in on the church activities. If you are a Christian, know that this season might seem all about giving, family, and all and that is great but in actuality it is even bigger than that. It is in remembrance of the birthday of Jesus. Let his joy fill your heart and soothe your pain and loneliness.

On this note I wish all of you great joy, peace and love during this season and beyond. Enjoy your time with your loved ones.


Merry Christmas!






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