Happy Thanksgiving!!

I want to start by wishing each one of you a very happy Thanksgiving. I’m so grateful for so much but most of all, I’m grateful for all your love and support. A few days ago I woke up not feeling so grateful at all. My year has been so rough, and not everything was as perfect as I thought it would be. I had so many frustrations and I could really feel thankful. I then stumbled on a video of a media personality who shared that she fins at least three reasons to be grateful every single day. That got me thinking and literally forced me to examine myself to realize there are actually many reasons to be grateful than not.

The mere fact that I’m sitting here writing an article from the comfort of my house is a blessing. I realized that we look far for things that we are grateful for when in fact it is just the smallest things. Being alive, and healthy to me gives me great joy and reasons to celebrate than any other opportunity.

I also realized that holiday seasons in general can make people feel very lonely when you don’t have your family around or remind you of the loss of a loved one. Please if you feel lonely, call your friends and join in on their celebrations.

With this being said I wish you again a very happy Thanksgiving.




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