Grateful November

Tap yourself on the shoulder if you’re alive and kicking -;). It’s the first week and November and we’re almost at the end of the year. My prayer is that we finish this year with great joy, peace, and love. If you didn’t get a chance to achieve your goals this year, don’t worry. We get a chance each and every morning to start over.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a pretty positive person but every now and again I find myself in the funk. I woke up today feeling frustrated because I felt like I was not doing enough. I have been accomplishing my goals one by one and I’ve found that I have more reasons to be grateful. I then had to remind myself that being alive alone is enough reason to be grateful. This is no excuse for laziness, procrastination, or complacency (repeat after me, lol).

As I was meditating, I realized that I have a lot more to be grateful for. If you are feeling the same as the year is ending, just know that you’re not alone. This happens to the best of us. The best way I personally cancel that feeling is to just be grateful for the small and big things in my life. As we embark in this new month, my greatest joy is to see people expressing their gratitude. Tell me in the comments below what you are grateful for.

Now that we’ve gotten our feelings our of the way, can we please talk about these palazzo pants? I love the stripes, of course. It’s also a nice piece to wear all year around. I can see myself rocking this with a chunky sweater, turtle neck top, or a blazer. What do you think? Cop yours today (here). The top and the blazer are old. Find similar styles below as well.

Similar styles:

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