Boots Season is Here!!!

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I hope you’re killing it out there this last quarter of the decade. Kudos to all of you trying to hustle hard to finish this year strong. There are a few areas of my life that I focus on as far as finishing the year strong:

-Finishing this year strong means that I’m spiritually aligned with God’s plans for my life. There are two folds to this: looking back and looking at the distance between where I was and how far god has taken me (gratefulness). This includes lessons learned. Secondly, praying for what is to come. The grace of God to open the right doors trumps all hard work. Working hard is definitely a must, but getting the right opportunities is key.

-Being spiritually aligned will not help if you don’t show up. What do I need to do to get to that next level? What do I need to do to make my dreams happen? My goal in this season is to show up every single day for me.

-Saving has been paramount for me in this season. I’ve realized this year that blogging and saving can be counterintuitive, however I’ve done my very best to always put something away every pay. Currently doing the saving 1k in 60 days challenge. Sign up for my newsletter to get all the information.

-Lastly, I’ve been investing a lot in my emotional well-being. While praying and working hard for my blessings, I want to be ready, and well-surrounded walking into my next season.

With all of that being said, I want to invite you to boots season, lol. Recently found these booties at my local Nordstrom store and I’ve fallen in love. If you have big calves like I do, then you know that finding the right boots can be a hustle. I stumbled on these gems with the help of one of the sales associates (s/o to Mimi). This is helping me start the season right and even encouraging me to venture into trying some thigh high boots. Stay tuned on that one, LOL.



Shop for boots below:


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