Summer is Still Here!

Hello luvs!

If you haven’t gotten the memo by now, just know that fall is knocking at the door. The temperature is dropping, and there is a little chill in the air that is just welcoming fall. sometimes this makes it hard to figure what to wear because it’s not cold enough to wear a jacket yet, and sometimes it’s not warm enough to wear a summer outfit. The perfect solution is to layer.

This denim fringe jacket I got last year is perfect for this time of year. It is fly and can go with pants or dresses. I got this jacket last year using a fellow blogger’s website (Styled By Kemi). Check her out. It is my favorite denim jacket and I wear it on top of everything.

The dress is also one of my favorite summer staples. It is colorful, summery, and cute. I got it on sale last year at the local madewell store (will link similar dress below). Summer is not over yet so I feel this is a cute dress to wear out and add the jacket for the cool vibe or when it starts getting cold.

By the way, notice that I wore my natural hair out? I want to wear out my natural hair out more often and I hope you enjoy the styles I bring you and will share about My natural hair journey in a different post. This contributed to the chill look I was going for and I hope you enjoy it.



Check similar outfit details below:

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