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Hello luvs!!! I’ve been gone a little bit because I was traveling quite a bit but I’m back now and ready to conquer the summer with a few of my favorite Nigerian movies and a little bit of fashion -;). I use to be an addict of African movies and then I discovered Korean movies. I will share more on my love for the Asian culture and the movies especially another time. You might ask what made me stop watching African movies altogether. There were a number of reasons but the main reason was the fact that at the time the movies were on DVDs and I’d have to always go to the store to get a new disk to see the end of my favorite movie.

I recently started hearing of Nigerian movies on Netflix and a co-worker of mine convinced me to give it a try again and I enjoyed them so much I decided to share some of the ones I’ve watched so far. Let me know in the comments what some of your favorites are and share the ones you love that are not on my list.


-Chief Daddy: This movie is interesting because it opens a window into the typical patriarcal African/Nigerian household structure that revolves around the father/husband as head of household and the power vacuum that follows when the family is fighting for inheritance.

-Wedding Party: Another good movie. If you’ve ever been to an African/Nigerian wedding you know that it is not a joking matter. The celebrations are often big, pompous, and every detail in place to show wealth and class. What most neglect is that in matters of the heart, money is not always synonymous of happiness. What’s even more interesting is that deep and dark secrets are unveiled.

-Fifty: One of my personal favorites. The story revolves around four different women the verge of their fifty. Some of whom are friend and are successful each in their own right and each one of them is experiencing some shifts in their lives. It’s interesting to see how they work through these events. I’m still waiting for the sequel.

-The visit: This movie narrates the story of two couples that are neighbors and somehow get their lives entangles in ways that they never saw coming.

-Couple of days: It’s the story of four couples and their struggle to keep the fire burning in their respective mariages.

-The arbitration: This movie touches upon women’s inequality in the workplace and it is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

-Lionheart: Genevieve Nnaji dazzles in this movie where she proudly represents and shows herself worthy of inheriting her dad’s company. There is a little twist at the end too.


-One room: This is a story of mariage, faith, and trust. Very insightful movie and full of wisdom.

This ends my list and please feel free to add your favorite movies so I can add to this list.









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  • My favorites were Chief Daddy, Wedding Party, Fifty and Lionheart. I too can’t wait for some of these sequels. One thing I can say about watching some of these Nigerian movies is that they are thoroughly entertaining especially with the dramatic aunties. I enjoyed your post! Thanks Rachida.

    • aaaaawwww, so glad you checked it out. just getting back to it myself so will add more to the list overtime. the aunties are the best, lol. you gotta love them, lol. thank you for reading.