My Trip To Togo

If you have followed me for a while on social media, then you know I was recently reunited with my lovely family in Togo (West Africa). I originally intended to shoot for the blog, but realized quickly that my time with my family was far too precious since I had not been home for a little over ten years and wanted to just enjoy it without having to worry about sharing it on social media. I will definitely share more during future visits (promise)!

With that being said, I managed to squeeze in a few pictures during a trip to the central parts of Togo (Atakpame and Kpalime). These are the mountainous areas of the country and the area is simply gorgeous especially if you are an outdoor person.

My favorite part was to find fruits and veggies fresh from the farm or homes everywhere especially mangoes.

Let me take you on this mini road trip with me:

-First stop was Atakpame. This place is near and dear to me because my grandma’s family still lives here and it was so exciting trying to find the family home after so many years, and also the hospitality of the people. Although we came unannounced, they cooked us the biggest feast ever. We cried and laughed!


My all-time favorite fruits were everywhere because mango season it was. We literally bought the entire bucket for about a dollar and I enjoyed every little bit of the few I could eat.

-Next order of business was in Kpalime. It is a little bit more vibrant than Atakpame and is only about three hours from Lome the capital of Togo. Here we visited Chateau Viale built in 1940 which is an old castle sitting at the top of one of the mountains that was build by a French lawyer back in the days but it has since been abandoned.

View from the top

Greenery at the castle

There were fruit trees around the castle and if you are up to it you can pick up a few. Since we didn’t plan on picking up some fruits, the hat gave us some good use.

-You can also visit the artisanal center in Kpalime where they make all kinds of art objects

-We ended the visit with a trip to the waterfalls (Cascade de Kpime). It was so serene and peaceful. During certain times of the year, there is a dam at the very top of the mountain that controls the water flow that comes down. Although the water was not fully flowing as I remembered, I still enjoyed myself there.

-While going up or coming down, you can get all kinds of fruits from the farmers on the side of the mountains.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me. I hope you enjoyed my pictures. On my next trip I’ll show you a bit more.




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