Animal prints in spring!

Hello friends, it’s finally feeling like spring (sighs). Although it was a bit cold the previous week, the rising temperature this week is making up for it for sure. If you think the animal print trend was gone, well… You are wrong :). Animal prints and bold colors are definitely in season. I decided to air this cute snakeskin dress with some neon sandals because I wanted to add a bold pop of color.

With that being said, let me re-introduce you to my fellow blogger Loving Adeola . She is bold, powerful, and so beautiful. She is on a self love journey that resonates with me and is a fierce supporter of other women. Our collaboration is certainly very timely as we are closing Women History Month this week. Although the month is ending, it does not mean that all efforts to promote women, their education, fight for equality, and so forth end here until next March.

I make it a point to support other women whenever I can and I know that I will probably bring more collaborations on the blog so be sure to stay tuned.



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Author: Chida

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