Spring is Coming!!!

Happy New month to us beautiful people.

I know the weather here on the East Coast is not currently giving us any hope that Spring is coming but if you’re on the gram, you’ve surely seen the spring trends coming out already. It is exciting to see all the bold colors making an appearance and I’m here for it.

It’s also time for spring cleaning and clean out our closets. As I started my cleaning, I was reminded that every area of our life need that decluttering as well. We will be soon ending the first quarter of 2019, so I think a mini summary of the year. How are you keeping up with your goals? What/who is keeping you from achieving them? Do you need a mental decluttering in order for you to move forward? I believe it’s not just our homes, and closets that need attention but every area of our life to have a successful year.

On that note, I wish you a happy new week and new month!



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Author: Chida

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