Friends like stars

There are so many quotes about friendship that can fit any situation good or bad. Some of my favorites are: “friends are like starts. You don’t always see them but they are there”; “friends become our chosen family”, “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”, etc.

The reality is we’ve all experienced good friendships as well as bad friendships. Social media channels and influencers have often magnified “fake friends” when in reality friends should be celebrated and enjoyed. It is true that there are many friends who do not care for the other and as a result the friendship ends on a sour note, however as humans we can wrong one another without even intending to sometimes and in every relationship we end up in, we must exercise a level of communication, understanding, forgiveness, and patience.

I dedicate this post to my day one friends who are not big on social media but have covered my back in more ways than one and ironically celebrate their birthdays this month. They are friends that are not showing off on social media but are forever present when needed.

Wishing my loves a happy birthday month and many happy years ahead.

Cheers to uplifting friendships!



Photographer: Mizsmiley


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Author: Chida

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