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I have never been an adept of beauty boxes or subscription services because I have been diligently moving away from buying more than I need. My original thoughts were that it is of no use to receive an entire box of products that you may end up not using all or might not even like. When I started hearing about stitch fix, I was a bit skeptical because I thought there are so many online shopping options that there is really no need to add a service that I can easily provide myself. I was wrong, lol.

It is true that shopping online makes it very easy to shop for items that we need, however stitch fix has a better advantage which is the fact that it is a styling service serving meaning that someone else picks items you might love or hate. After reading so many reviews I was still not sure this was something I wanted to do, but I was encouraged in trying by the simple fact that if you don’t like an outfit you can simply return it and the original $20 styling fee goes towards the costs of the items.

This idea was appealing to me because I have a very busy schedule and sometimes it is just time consuming to shop from one store to the other. Another reason that drew me to the type of service if the fact that someone else can style me, and might have a different point of view than mine.

After many conflicted thoughts on the service, I simply decided to try and see for myself so I subscribed and made some style selections on the website and started waiting. I receive my first box shortly thereafter and was really pleased with the content. I received a maxi dress, three shirts, and one pair of jeans in the cutest box (I forgot to take pictures). Inside the box was also a return bag already labeled in case I would need to return the items. The choices were nice and showed that my stylist took my selection into consideration, however my return were based on either on pricing or seasonal items I did not need at the moment. The maxi dress was beautiful but was not weather appropriate since we were going into fall at the time. Other items like the shirts were a bit pricier than I would have liked.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that you do not get charged for items you do not like, and you can choose the frequency at which items are sent to you. Overall, it was a great and easy experience and I cannot wait for my next box. Check out the jeans I got and styled below.




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