Advice to My Younger Self!

Guess whose birthday it is today? Meeee…

Words cannot express my gratitude for making it this far. I’ve been hearing stories of young women who passed away at such a young age that the simple fact of making it this far in life is simply a blessing.

While being alive alone is a reason to rejoice, there are many other reasons that make me rejoice about this new year. The best gift of life and added years is the fact that you experience quiet a bit, and have the opportunity to look back and learn from past mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not coming from a place of regret but I’m choosing to learn from past actions. This brings me to writing this post about advice that I could give my younger self:

Advice #1: Seasons are temporary. It is important to understand the season you’re in and embrace it. There is a reason behind every season and there are people who are destined to go through each season with you and others are not meant to. Don’t be sad when relationship don’t work out, there is a reason for it. There are seasons when everything seem to be against you but it is not so. During these seasons, you are meant to pray more, plan, and prepare for the season of opportunities.

Advice #2: Financial freedom is key. There is no better feeling than being able to afford the things that you want/need and have some savings in the bank. During the season where you might not be working at your dream place and making your ideal salary, or even when you’re making the kind of money you wish, it is important to save. Considering that things like jobs and careers can be temporary in nature, it is good to plan for bad days ahead.

Advice #3: Pray more. There is something about youth that always believes that there is more time to do this or the other, but the funny thing is one do not have a say about how much time we have left on this earth. This may sound very cliche but the “prayer is key”is a true statement. If you believe in the power of God then prayer is a conversation with God who is our father and the one who holds our destiny. The word of God says: “Pray without ceasing..” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-20 New International Version (NIV).

Advice #4: Let Go. Identifying and letting go of toxic relationships early brings about an unexplainable peace of mind. You can not make people stay in your life if they choose not to. You have to let go and allow better and greater relationships to flourish. Keeping a bad relationship is a gangrene that can affect all aspects of your life. Make peace with what no longer serves you and move on.

Advice #5: Be confident. God has created us wonderfully and beautifully. Being confident is being beautiful. Having faith in God and yourself gives the ability to achieve far more than we can even imagine.

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