Floating Market at Damnoen Saduak near Bangkok

Floating markets are a must when in Bangkok, however the cost and the distance can be discouraging. Floating markets consist of selling goods on a long tail on a canal. The boats were colorful and although it was raining, it didn’t seem to bother the activities one bit. There were boats carrying tourists and there were also boats were merchants were selling items from. Other merchants were simply on the platforms on each side of the canal waiting for boats to stop by and begin the barter.

food at the floating market

This trip was even more interesting due to the fact that we also stopped to visit Champ Puak Camp. This was a great opportunity to finally meet some ladies from the Karen Long Neck tribe. These ladies are known to wear heavy neck pieces from a very young age to elongate their necks. I was so excited to meet these ladies because I thought they were so beautiful. Once we got inside the camp, the young ladies were sitting inside the cabanas and were selling handmade scarves and crafts. We were advised to take pictures of them and with them. My initial excitement turned into frustration quickly due to the fact that tourists were taking pictures of these people without even saying a simple hello as if they were just some kind of animals or pets and that simply took the fun out of the tour for me. After we began talking to them, we realized that they spoke very decent English even though they have never been in school. I decided to wear the neckpiece and realized how heavy it was at that made me even more angrier that women are subjected to such practices in the name of tradition. The thought also occurred to me that they may enjoy showing off their culture this way, but it was just hard shaking my anger off. If you have been to the camp and seen these ladies, let me know what you think.

beautiful handmade scarves and crafts

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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