Bangkok Night Life: Lebua Sky Bar

You cannot leave Bangkok without experiencing the nightlife, i.e. sky bars. Sky bars are a thing in Bangkok and are bars that sit on hotels’ rooftops. Th staff at Amara assured us that the Lebua sky bar was one of the best in Bangkok and IT TRULY WAS AMAZING!!! It is hard describing because it was simply the perfect way to end our vacation. We stepped out of our taxi and walked into a very luxurious lobby where the sounds coming from the piano were so sweet and drawing you into wanting to know what more lies ahead. Then we were directed towards the elevators where the attendant with the white gloves press the floor number and welcomed us onto the appropriate floor. It was magical and although the rooftop was a bit small for the number of people coming, the service, the oversized couch, and everything in between were simply great. This is even without taking into account the breathtaking view of the city and the nightly breeze that was gently whistling into our ears, and the laughters, and the camera flashes. If you are vacationing in Bangkok, be sure to enjoy at least one of the sky bars because they are worth it.


Drinks and snacks
View from above

Little dress from Primark


Author: Chida

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