Thailand Second Stop: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city that is full of color and culture. It is a great place to explore if you are looking to learn a bit more about Thailand and the culture. Chiang Mai is situated in Northern Thailand and is an hour and a half flight away from Phuket. The city was established in 1926 ad was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Chiang Mai is a charming city and perfect tourist destination.

Where to stay: Ban Chang Tong  is a small boutique hotel that sit right in the middle of Chiang Mai and is at a walkable distance from temples and night market. The beauty of Ban Chang Tong lies in the fact that it sits on a busy street and can even be overlooked, yet once you enter there is such a calm and tranquility that welcomes you and the pool right in the center is simply gorgeous. It is also important to note that food is an important factor and there are so many beautiful restaurant to discover where both the service and the food are outstanding.

Shirt dress used as swimsuit cover up by Shein
elephant shaped towel

What to do: If you’re looking for wisdom and history Chiang Mai will be the perfect location. You cannot escape the beautiful temples in Thailand, and especially in the Northern region. There seem to be a temple on every street corner and each with different set up and beauty.

Beautiful and welcoming restaurant in Chiang Mai

What to Wear: It is very important to be thoughtful of the attire when visiting Chiang Mai especially if you plan on visiting the temples. Elbows and knees must be covered. Cover-ups can be rented for a small fee at the temple as well. I tried to be considered by wearing a long dress but it was too hot to cover up completely so I had to rent a scarf to cover up my shoulders while visiting the temple.

Ankara dress by Solange Digoh


If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, I’d recommend planning a stop in Chiang Mai because it is a gorgeous city.


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