Thailand: Hotel vs. AirBnB

When planning a trip to a foreign country, questions of accommodation often rise up and decisions must be made as far as where to stay and what fit in the budget. In recent years AirBnB have become a popular outlet when traveling because it gives travelers the opportunity to have a bigger space with less of a cost, many amenities that may cost more at hotels, and so much more. Hotels on the other hand provide a level of comfort and security that may not be found with AirBnB rentals.

Both AirBnB and hotel options depend on the individual and can be great options. During this trip, part of our group stayed in a beautiful AirBnB rental and another group including myself stayed at a close-by hotel. There was no significant impact regarding activities or the stay there except the fact that the hotel provided breakfast, cleaned, and was helpful answering questions about activities.

Regardless of the option you choose to go with, simply remember to have fun.

AirBnB Rental
View of the ocean from AirBnB rental
Kata Palm Resort and Spa
View from our room


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