Thailand First Stop: Phuket

Phuket is a vacationer’s paradise with beautiful beaches and great hospitality. Having heard so much about Phuket and it’s beautiful beaches, my goal was to visit as many of the beautiful islands as I could.  It is impossible to talk about Phuket without even mentioning the gorgeous islands. The islands are more beautiful than pictures show. They are simply breathtaking. As part of the package, some companies include snorkeling, or scuba diving. The company I went with had a snorkeling option which was simply amazing. The waters are so shallow that even non-swimmers can participate in these activities.

This is a must-do in Phuket. The registration can be done by the hotel at least 24 hours prior to the trip. I decided to go with the sunrise package which was a much earlier trip leaving from the marina at 6 AM. The hotel pick was at 5AM. A light breakfast is served at the marina and the departure is followed after a few formalities. The first island we visited was Roda island and others like the disappearing island.

Our boat


second snorkeling spot





Author: Chida

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  • Roda island looks so peaceful and not as packed with tourists. I wish our island hop package included this island. Looks beautiful!