Seven Things to Know before Traveling to Thailand

When thinking of vacation, coming up with a destination that often times can fit the budget and offer the most for my buck come to mind. Thailand has been on my radar for a long time because I have heard great things about the beauty of the landscape as well as the affordability. I was more than excited when the opportunity presented itself and I was finally able to check off this trip off my bucket list.

Before taking a trip to Thailand there are ten things to consider:

Airline tickets: It is always better to plan and purchase tickets in advance to save the most on the flight fare. Here are some of the airlines to consider when flying to Thailand from the US EmiratesCathay PacificQatar AirwaysKorean AirDelta AirlinesAir France. For this trip, Emirates offered the best deal for this trip and I’ve also found an even better deal on Air France, however the trip was taking three days versus the regular two days.

Accommodations: Since it is my first trip in a country I’ve never been before I decided to rely on a travel agent to for the most part, however AirBnB are also a great options to look into. I chose the first option and stayed at hotels for the most part also because I wanted to truly enjoy this time and not having to worry about cleaning, or cooking.

Transportation: There are many and one ways to get around in Thailand such as taxi, tuk tuk, buses, train etc. Most hotels will help you with scheduling pick-up time and the appropriate type of transportation, and tell you how much the ride should cost. On the other hand if you chose the airbnb option and figuring all yourself then the Grab App is a life saver and works just like the Uber or Lyft apps.

Skincare: Consider using a sunscreen lotion and spray as part of your routine because the weather is generally very hot and sunny. Before going out, you must also spray some mosquito repellant to keep mosquitoes away.

Dress code: There is no particular dress code that apply when traveling to Thailand except the fact that it can get extremely hot so planning for shorts and t-shirts and swimwear is a must. The only caveat is when going to temples. Elbows and knees must be covered when going into temples. Cover up are also available for a small fee.

Food: The food is delicious in Thailand especially if you enjoy spicy food. I especially love the steamed lime and garlic fish, and the pineapple fried rice. Mango, coconut, banana, and pineapple are a must-try in Thailand because they are so sweet and delicious.

Pricing: Never be too shy to negotiate. Thai vendors expect you to negotiate the price so you should never settle for the first price given to you. Most seasoned travelers recommend bargaining until the price drop by at least 30-50%.

I hope this is helpful as you prepare for your next trip in Thailand.


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  • Thanks Chida, these a valuable items to note. Especially if you love shopping, the portion on price negotiation is a must!! Your pockets will thank you.