God’s Plans Are Bigger Than Your Dreams

It is amazing how a year goes by so fast and before long we will be making new resolutions for the future. This is to say that often we move through life always searching and working hard to improve without really taking time to appreciate our current situation and even how far we’ve come.

This might sound a bit cliche and it might be but it is truth that still holds value. In the midst of trials and tribulations, it is important to realize that in the end there is purpose. What is the bigger picture? What are lessons that need to be learned? Who are people that I may need to be connected with? What areas of my life should I seek improvement on? Who are people I may need to separate from in my current season?

Often times, we are so focused on what’s ahead that we loose sight of the present. Reading this quote today “God’s plans are bigger than your dreams” was a reminder that whatever situation might present itself, God has preordained my steps and his purpose is greater than my plans.

Happy Week!

With Love,


Author: Chida

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